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Self-taught chef, Marcus Bean, whose passion for cooking drove him to win Iron chef UK in 2010 on Channel 4. He’s lived in pubs since the age of 5 in and around Oxfordshire. Marcus is the owner of Brompton Cookery School, presenter as well as a hospitality & catering consultant.

Marcus is a regular chef on ITV's "This Morning" shows for Food Network and many more. He's been a guest chef on Citv's cookery show called Munchbox. He is host and present the super theatre and other stages with Live cookery demonstrations for the BBC good food shows around the country.

Marcus catered and consulted with Major brands including Sainsbury's, Unilever, Hellman's, Decleor, Sanctuary Spa, bobbi Brown and more, Patron Tequila, Havana Club and many more.


Author of "Chicken The New Classics"

Chef Marcus Bean

It was my own health transformation and life experience that lead me to become a Health and Lifestyle Coach.

After a 5 year challenge with ME and then a cancer scare 8 years ago when a specialist had told me there was no hope I emerged at 60 years of age, 4 stone lighter and fitter in mind and body than I had been for the previous 20 years. I wholeheartedly advocate the importance of taking responsibility for your own health.

Focussing the power of habit change, I help people looking for, vitality, great health and wellbeing in all aspects of life, my aim is to help overcome obstacles, limiting beliefs and out dated habits empowering them to live their best lives yet.

As the saying goes..

’To bring life to your years and years to your life’

My work is underpinned by years of study in 

Exercise and movement, Mindfulness and Meditation, Functional/Natural Health and Nutrition including Vegan Nutrition and NLP with a focus on the mind body connection, sleep, preventative strategies and self-awareness.

Keeping in touch with the latest innovations, 4 years ago, I studied with the Health Coach Institute of America. This brought everything together and has opened up opportunities to practice my passion for enabling clients all over the world to better health in more ‘lasting’ ways than I ever thought possible.

For more information, please check out my website www.thehealthhabitforlife.com

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Carmen Lyndley

I am Rebecca McGuire, more often known as Becs. I have a real passion and flare for activating peoples power within and supporting the Journey of emotional intelligence mastery and healing. 


Over the past 7 years I have built a chain of independent pubs with my husband and in more recent years taken my passion for people and their growth into a coaching and mentoring role. I have always been able to see past peoples behaviours and understand that people are indeed not their behaviours and that everyone has the ability to change. As a leader I invest more time getting to understand how to rumble in vulnerability with people and get to know the core of them and how to inspire, motivate & influence them whilst holding space for their evolution than I do anything else. 


Studies have shown that our emotional intelligence is 80% accountable for our success and that is why I chose to train as an emotional intelligence mastery coach amongst my business, healing and energetic work as for me it all goes in hand. The more we understand ourselves the more we can understand others and the more impact we are able to have. 


We were designed as humans to have a full range of emotions yet somewhere along the way we were made to feel we should suppress them, emotions compounded in drive behaviours usually in a way that doesn’t serve us. I support my clients to allow their emotions to set into motion and be free to stand in their authenticity and live to their truth. This work leads to being more connected, more energetic and therefore we create more sales and profitability. This way of thinking is how we see business’s soar, when EIQ is strong it creates a higher level of staff retention, a higher level of productivity, increased problem solving and creativity, better interpersonal connection and effectiveness, collaboration & synergy, greater initiative and commitment- to name a few pro’s! 


When each decision made works for the employer, the employee, the business and the client then the only outcome is success. Success is built on a strong foundation, WE are the foundation, so we can spend time nurturing and strengthening the foundation or we can spend time fixing the cracks. 


I’m here for the foundation, rock solid foundation.

Rebecca McGuire

Cat Merrick runs Breathe Dance & Yoga which she founded in 2016 and is dedicated to guiding women to return to a vibrant, joyful life by tackling negative thought patterns through practices that develop self awareness & healing. 

After a decade of teaching dance in secondary education, Cat now focuses on teaching women how to reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety and create energy and vibrancy through yoga, breathwork, meditation and dance.

Cat is a self confessed neuroscience geek with a healthy mix of science and spirituality in her approach to her work and has been delving into the science and power behind the breath which can improve overall health.

Cat holds a BA Hons Dance Degree, 200hr Yoga Diploma from BWY and is currently training to be a Buteyko breathing instructor.

Cat Merrick

techtimeout enables healthier relationships with technology, promoting digital wellbeing, mental health and productivity. Their work provides you with actionable ways to manage a world of endless notifications, multiple communication channels and blurred work/life boundaries.

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The Haven Wolverhampton

Set up in 1973, The Haven Wolverhampton is a charitable organisation which provides both practical and emotional support services to women and children who are affected by Domestic Abuse and Homelessness. The Haven Wolverhampton is one of the largest refuge providers in the UK.


Our services include:

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year FREE Domestic Abuse Helpline.

  • Refuge accommodation within 64 units in secure locations across Wolverhampton.

  • Emotional and practical support from trained support workers based at each refuge location.

  • A resettlement service to Haven service users both from within refuge and community.

  • Community and advocacy support services.

  • Children and young people support services within refuge accommodation and community, including working with schools on various programmes.

  • Financial support – the Financial Empowerment Team support clients who have suffered from or are suffering from financial and Domestic Abuse.

  • Counselling services in 10 different languages.


Not everyone who is supported by us lives in one of our refuges or safe houses.  We support many people living in their own homes.  Our trained staff have a variety of expertise to ensure we can support people across a number of different areas.

And I didn’t know if you wanted something separate on why we train in the workplace and provide policies, but this could be linked or presented separately:


The Haven Training launched The Purple Pledge campaign in 2021 to help support organisations and their employees on Domestic Abuse.


Our campaign is inspired by:

  • The lack of policies in place in many organisations – only approximately 5 to 10% of organisations in the UK have a specific Domestic Abuse Policy.

  • The lack of ‘experts’ to support Domestic Abuse – many organisations have Safeguarding Officers and Mental Health First Aiders, but not Domestic Abuse Workplace Champions.

  • Supporting organisations to enforce a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to Domestic Abuse.


Statistically your organisation is likely to have several survivors and people actively being subjected to Domestic Abuse.  All too often we hear of victims suffering in silence at work, desperate to take that difficult step to get help, but feeling they will be stigmatised if they disclose.


This is why we want every organisation in the UK to have a Domestic Abuse Policy and Domestic Abuse Workplace Champion.

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