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About Shropshire Wellbeing

Join Shropshire businesses in putting wellbeing first on 23rd June 2021!

To celebrate and coincide with World Wellbeing Week and the lifting of lockdown restrictions we are bringing you Shropshire’s first ever Wellbeing Day on 23rd June 2021. 


If the pandemic has taught us anything it's that our health is everything, now more than ever we are encouraging businesses to support the physical and mental health of their employees. On Wednesday 23rd June we are asking employers  to bring the focus back to wellbeing by taking a first step towards wellbeing in the workplace, no matter what size organisation. 

We know many businesses are passionate about doing what they can, but that starting is the always the hardest part, so we are here to help! We have teamed up with wellness providers all over the county to bring you activities and competitions on the day as well as ongoing inspiration for creating a long term wellbeing culture in your place of work.


It's as simple as signing up for free on the form below where you will then have access to all of our resources to make 23rd June a real success for you, your organisation and your team.

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